Merger & Acquisition

The Dutch Merger & Acquisition market is on the rise. The stakes are high and more companies realize that the human side of deal making is critical to value creation, strategic growth and sustainable business success.
Today’s deal makers often place high value on both their current and acquired workforces, but when the people of either are overlooked, performance sags and retention suffers. What’s more, there is a growing understanding that cultural conflict can derail success completely. The acquisition of the Italian bank Antonveneta by former ABN AMRO is a good example of such a derailment.

imgWe understand that incremental change can be highly stressful for the employees involved, hence our people-oriented approach. We aim for a long term sustainable integration.

In co-creation we translate the business strategy into a meaningful change vision, a story that is true and inspires. We execute a fit gap analysis, draw-up a tailor-made People, Culture & Change plan, formulate the desired corporate culture and concrete behaviour, so managers and employees understand what changes. What do they need to do or stop doing in this new vision and what do they need to change? In short: what behaviour is in fashion and what not? We challenge leadership behaviour, and work towards an inclusive and long-term integration process, merging people and culture.

We facilitate leaders, teams and individuals to:
• Effectively deal with the uncertainty of an unpredictable future
• Convert low morale into high levels of effectiveness
• Improve leadership skills and cultural competence in the new context
• Achieve the strategic goals of the combined entity.