Executive Coaching

IC2Lead Coaching supports individuals and/or groups in achieving a particular development goal by using a multi-faceted approach: identify and develop the full potential and at the same time change the way people think and act. IC2Lead offers the opportunity to develop your personal flexibility and contemplate your self-concept. This self-concept drives behaviour. A reshape of your self-concept helps you to improve your personal happiness and professional success.

imgWe are convinced that the desire to develop is a natural human quality. Whatever is holding you back and actually prevents you from moving forward is an important aspect in coaching. IC2Lead will help you take that next step towards growth and success.
After an initial interview, the coaching process begins with the formulation of the coaching objective. A coaching process consists of a series of five targeted consultations lasting 2.5 hours, with an average frequency of one every two weeks. Homework is also assigned during the process.
Christine Martens has over 20 years experience in international HRM and is a specialist in Coaching and Executive Development. Her approach is vigorous and ideally suited to highly educated people.
Christine Martens is a certified user of a number of coaching methods and tools. References from previous (coaching) clients are available on request.

Walk, talk and reflect coaching

Are you demotivated at work? Do you feel stressed? Do you doubt everything but mainly yourself? Do you need help?

Walk, talk and reflect with me in the beautiful dunes of Heemskerk. I am the walking coach for professionals who want to be happy at work. I offer a compassionate and open ear, lots of inspiration and solution-oriented coaching. Imagine working with happiness, energy and do what you do best? How wonderful would that be?

In 4 hikes we discover your unique talents, you choose wisely and work with lots of renewed confidence. You will be happy at work again!

Please read a full description of this coaching journey here:  Wandelen naar Werkgeluk. 

Call me now!  +31 629507794

Ingeborg Steinvoord

Ingeborg Steinvoord is a seasoned HRM advisor and certified walking coach. She loves to support, inspire and coach other professionals.

Being outdoors has a positive influence on our physical and mental well-being. Whether you are sad, tired or stressed, this reduces as soon as you see and hear trees, birds, grass and water. Outdoors we think more clearly, we feel more independent, we are able to take more complex decisions and our selfdiscipline grows. Nature does not judge.

Ingeborg uses the beautiful nature in this unique and successful coaching method. Visit my website for  some happy client references.